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Try It Tuesday- 1

 Chicken & Mushroom Crepes

Served with Cucumber,Stuffed Olives,Tomato & Onion Salad..

Recipe Courtsey: Herald sun ;


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Hey Mr. T – Adiós!!

Dear Mr T,

Ours was an interesting relationship- A love-hate kind of which later on evolved into something so beautiful, that I just cannot believe things are not the same anymore.You were never really my-kind-of-guy you know… I always preferred the more sophisticated, calm, elegant or I may loosely quote ‘very feline ones’ and thought they were the best… until I met you.

Our initial meetings were not that great, there was no spark, no love- at -first sight , all there was  few dirty looks & killing stares. You did definitely voice your displeasure because you were (almost) a member of the family for a long time now and took me as a intruder ..

Eventually you started ignoring me and trust me, the feeling was mutual.  Even I never cared more about you. But as days became months and matured into years.. I met you many a times when I came ‘home’ yes.. Your family accepted me as one of them and the house became my home by then. Slowly, sweet but careful developments took out the bitterness in me and I could not help, but fall deeply into your charm.

Every move of yours seemed funny, everything you did seemed so cute and you started trusting me as well. Your eyes showed me how much you care and you moves just plastered the feelings firmer.

The last time I met you, we even managed a few personal outings… Just you & me. your shy looks melted my heart… you encouraged me to jog and even showed off your strenght  by continuing to jog while I was gasping for breath!! offf..what a show-off you were really!!

You looked  a bit ill sometimes, everyone said you were getting older, but I could not believe it… how is it possible ? my heart said..

I mean, 15 is not old right?

The day came when I had to bid farewell to return to my work. When I was leaving, you came to see me off. I told you to be good and not trouble the family, but did not realise how seriously you would take the words… that you would rather leave the world than cause the family any trouble!!

I never knew Totty, you beautiful little Pomeranian…  that would be the last time I d see you alive… Never knew that  this was the last picture I clicked of you.

Totty with his cheerful self as always..

 Yes, you left the world and the beautiful family you loved on the 23rd of this month. To quote my sister in law “without any complications, without any pain”… You took your last breath on one of your usual walks.

I don’t have to tell you how much you will be missed by each one of us… but I will never forget you as the first dog friend I ever had, for accepting me ,for making me feel a part of the beautiful family you are a important part of. Thank you My little ‘ Totts lotto’  .. 🙂

I will love you always and I know you are in the special dog-heaven of yours…  with lots of hot & cute angels around you… feeding you little delicate morsels of your favourite fish 😉 and taking good care of you. Be sure to get that Pedi-Mani done.. your nails are unbearable to look at.. really!! 🙂

 Adiós… my little friend… We all will miss you…

Always yours,


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Post 1- pattern..

and the countdown begins…

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Friday night!!

Picture 1 : Spaghetti pasta in Bechamel sauce   , Pictures 2,3,4 &5: ĕntree – olives,tomato,cucumber,grilled red capsicum and chicken tikka.

Updated on 24/04/10 Spaghetti pasta in Bechamel sauce is done as per this Recipe from the “Singing chef” **DRUM ROLL!!!!! Thank you Raga-.:)My first ever pasta recipe with sauce from scratch..and the best so far by personal rating was yummm!!

The ĕntree – well!! trade secret!(means not yet perfected ..hehe..) It is LONG WEEKEND!! yippeee!!! 🙂

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Time- less!!

Turning around the corner, she carefully surveys the dark lane. Squinting her eyes to adjust to the  dim-light, she wipes the tiny beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

 “ugh! why the hell am I perspiring in this cold night, isnt  it like 10 minutes since I ‘made up’ my face“- grumbling  with a small whisper to no-one in particular she rushes towards ‘Tower Road’.

The clock tower, holding its head high for some many decades  now since the British times goes about doing its work without any sign of tiredness, ticking away uncaring to show ten to-ten . Her eyes moves from the clock to the expensive one on her wrist a Tag-heuer  .It ticked softly as if to re-confirm the time and answer the question in her mind.The clock on the tower is accurate to the minute.

 Seeing the car already waiting for her at the end of the road, she starts to run towards the vehicle knowing very well if she does not make it now, it would mean just another  opportunity for him to be sarcastic and ‘smart ‘. “Meet me at sharp ten’o clock“- he had told her over the phone earlier. ” we cannot afford to be late ” he had added sternly as she tried to bargain for a few more minutes, but she knew it would not work ‘her way’, not when it is her ‘first time’.

Now she could see his face frowning through the un-tinted glass of the car, un-tinted was something she could not help noticing to think ‘what a tight A&# for such a show-off “. She jumps next to him,tries to strike a polite conversation as he cuts her out by pointing to the clock on the tower  which now shows “five past ten”.She looks out of the window as he starts another lecture on how important it is to be punctual in her line of work, cannot afford to loose business by being  late and all that jazz. As the car  races at 100K/hr down the highway, he asks “Nervous?”.She just says a feeble “No”  and decides to keep her mouth shut. She adjusts her red blouse and runs her hand through her hair trying to look at herself in the corner mirror.‘Wait, just u wait..’

she thinks angrily.. 


 They board the plan  to Port hedland – the mining mekka. Then she ll tell the “chauvnist-pig” of her senior colleague -who is bl*&%# nervous, him or her??! and that too in front of her clients. She  just cannot erase the smile now glued to her face thinking of her opportunities at taking a  “big  leap ” in her career as a lawyer, if this deal between the 2 mining giants work out. ‘I ll do my very best towards it’ she promises herself as a determined as she could be,clutching  her laptop bag & files  she runs towards the chartered plane waiting for them at the local airport.

This is my entry towards Magpie tales.

Thanks Chhaya – you know why.

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of Instant(s) lately!

I believe..

from google images

I’ve  believed in Karma always, but incidents these days has made me change my mind.It is not “just Karma”, It is the latest new-generation “Instant Karma” folks!

Let me explain please. I think, since us as in all of us are in a ‘quick-fast-snap’ era where we have to run for our lives all the time  (or else let life run over us) Karma has also taken on to  this trend . Gone are the day when you do some deed and then wait for the reflex act. Today it is aab karo- aab bugto’ style. 😉

 A few instances at least  in my life screams the same to me. The one that hit me most have been narrated here.

I always ridicule(yes, that s the exact word.. nothing less  sadly) Aj for  not turning off the lights behind him as he leaves any space( before you fight dear.. I ll make it most of the times I notice..) thus making it very predictable for me a-la- Byomkesh Bakshi to trace his ‘path of activity’ almost well  around the small house where we live. 😀 which makes his life  a little more complicated.

Until…few moments later, he ll show me something worse in comparison to his deed with a snigger and a “hah” – yup, I would have forgotten to turn off the heater or worse the flame of the stove .”

😦 You see, this is INSTANT KARMA . well, POINT TAKEN..  *gulp. Though I do it less often than him.. well.. a mistake is a mistake.. isn’t it?

Moral Swat learnt: sure, go ahead to make sure that you leave a smaller carbon print on earth but..BUT do it with a little more patience, a little less arrogance.. a little more sensitively or worse.. just go &  TURN OFF THE DAMN LIGHTS FOLLOWING YOUR HUSBAND AROUND THE PLACE WITHOUT MAKING SO MUCH FUSS..  :-/

I can almost hear a personified ‘hi-tech’ Karma lady saying  ” I REST MY CASE”  🙂


Updated later: I should have mentioned this at the start but, this post is just our thoughts and does not intend to contradict or compliment anyone s belief. This is also a result of one of the few’ brain storming’ sessions between Aj and me. So concept credits are shared with co-owner . 🙂
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Welcome on-board


Welcome home.. my lovely friends out a special party at my new address.

Also introducing my better half Aj who could be  very shy with words, but is very expressive with his pics.. see the one above. 🙂

I hope together we should be able to bring the best of creative juices flowing just right… 🙂

with less talking let’s get to work  BETWEEN EARTH & SKY

Hope you ll enjoy the ‘mushroom risotto’ I  ve cooked  clicked for the vegetarians and ‘chicken Manchurian’  for the rest.

Food for you...

A standard  lemonade / lime bitter with a twist of vodka if required( no, we did not have it.. 🙂  I mean the vodka).. makes it all more enjoyable.

Also see this.

u ll love it and will have your mouth s watering in no time..just like me.. 🙂

see you  folks.. have a great weekend!!

As for Aj n me.. retail therapy is on the cards 😀

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Just a kick start !!


just 3 words..


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The Sinful act

A letter to most visiting- least bothered to leave a comment-kind-of-people
Dear you- yes you!!
you are the one who is so regular to my blog, reading it almost everyday, at least checking for updates if not reading these posts..
how do you feel if I knock at your door every morning at 3.00(if you generally wake up at 7.00) ring the bell and run off without even telling a hi to the sleep head(read ‘you’)opening the door .. not a very appealing thought, isn’t it?
now that s exactly how I feel.
you are more worse than that anonymous writer who at least pokes me at times hard on my ribs(hypothetically, ouch!!)and wakes me up!
even though,it is sheer torture, trust me, makes me feel special with some attention.So with due respects to my lovely blog friends, past & present.. who ve been with me almost as much as Aj– my bitter better half through thick n thin.. I hereby do the most sinful act Ive done so far.
give away my dear blog, thus stop more posts here..
Thanks you guys, for being there!
as for YOU, the unknown stalker…
a big fat rosy red raspberry!!



Added later: This is the last post of my previous blog ” Anu’la Samsara”.  Moved from Blogger to wordpress 🙂

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A small wave that started far away from the shore,gathered strenght and became monstrous hitting the shore. without any emotions displayed, Sheela sat watching this as more and more waves followed.
Far away, she could hear laughter, chat, chirping birds and the occasional splashing of water.Nothing effected her already disturbed mind,she sat- thinking the same question.
“Is this the end?”
Her heart still could not believe this was happening to her.All her dreams with him, together as a pair were shattered over and again, by him.No, he never abused her physically but all that mental torture, the hurting words, the yelling was over the limit.She tried all she could to please him and be as calm as possible, thinking he would change, eventually see the light and all will be happier.
Till yesterday when she got an sms from him while she was away at a project lunch from office.He yelled at her with all kinds of swear words saying he never wanted to see her face again, just because she could not receive his call on time.This was not the first time, but a routine to her. but this time she did exactly what he asked for and what she should have done much earlier.She just calmly took half a day off, went home before he did,packed all the stuff she never wanted to see again(there wasn’t much anyway),called a courier and sent the stuff away and left the house, but not before calling a locksmith and changing all the locks to the house.. her house.
As she remembered the last part, she smiled at herself, a sad smile but worth giving it back to him.
Taking a flight to Goa with 10 days off work, not before instructing her friends in office to stay quite about this was not too hard.. Like the wave getting strong and hitting the shore , she stood up boldly and walked back to her hotel, her steps getting stronger each time towards a brighter future.

And that ends the blog Marathon!!
Thank you Vittal, Swaram,Nancy, Avi, Shwetz,Sash Bhai, Ajai, Vyoma and Aj for reading , commenting and being a part!Sorry if I have missed anyone in the team.
I will be taking a break.So till next time..

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