Frozen Memories

Aj n me have this photo ‘nikalne ka bhoot sawar’ on us for some time now..
After all possible  cracking attempts using a digicam(actually u cannot see anything much on its display screen,it is so badly over-used manhandled) ,we have self graduated to a small time SLR. (don’t have any clue about the technical stuff like model name etc.. beyond me..:) )We have taken an oath to restrain each other from buying an extra wide angle and  micro lenses.. till we get the basics right with the 2 okay-ish lenses we ve got..
Hence a separate photo page linked to my normal ‘bakwas’ stuff so that the pictures get some ‘ man-samman’ as it deserves.. also some shaper comments from all you there..

well… This is it.. 🙂 WeLcOmE aGAiN to  

“A Click here A Click there”



me n Ajay- 21/02/07

P.S:of,course, neither of us clicked this! 🙂

but the photographer’s camera surely interested here’s to  one of our “dronacharya” kind of guru..

Thanks 🙂


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