About me…

A crazy girl whose thoughts run randomly anywhere between the earth & the sky.. sometimes beyond.. but that s a whole different story. Someone very close to my heart called me a ‘ lucky child’ and I choose to trust the words.I am indeed very lucky.. to have the best of people as my support team,all kinds of wierd challenges for me to get strong,best of thoughts to ponder upon and well, best of two worlds(call them countries to make it sound more realistic) and all the wonderful things life has in store.
dont get me wrong, but I think everyone is evenly- unevenly lucky.. u just have to realise it.
 am a bit chatty, love to chew on people’s brains (not literally..ugh!!)any time of the day/night making it my fav. meal…so beware n be-loved!! 🙂



  1. :), you did eat my brain… n loved your words.. 🙂

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