Posted by: SK | November 4, 2016

Day 4 -Crazy rituals

I do follow a few rituals but  I wont call this superstitious!!  I don’t know how they originated… but well I somehow have ended up with this whole bunch of them.

just listing a few…

I have to wear my slipper/ ugg slip-on’s when I sit down to have supper.. for otherwise I feel I will be cold. And this is just an act in advance so that I don’t have to get up in between  eating my meal

I have to  drink a glass of water after washing my hair.. just like that.. May be I  get dehydrated .. but that craving for water is as though I have not drunk water for 3 days straight..

I have to cuddle Bruno for atleast 10 minutes before I got bed.. Not sure if he minds if I do or don’t, but I feel so content after spending time just tickling his ears or rubbing his belly as I hum a song or have a conversation..

So, what are your crazy rituals with or without logic? do share and Promise, I wont judge..





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