Posted by: SK | November 2, 2016

Day 2 – just thinking of you .. my friend from childhood

Just yesterday, I got the sad news that one of my friends from childhood( she lived in my neighbourhood) is no more..
Of-course, along with the shock and trying to let the message sink in , I could not resist thinking of all the moments I remember with her and surprisingly I could remember several.
She lived in my neighbourhood and though I used to attend a local school and she would travel to the city, I can recall lot more memories with her from those days.
I used to catch up with her and some other girls during holidays to ride cycle in her area. I remember one day, when she fell off as her bicycle skid and hit a rock closer to my house. My grandma asked her to come in and clean the scratches and wounds and I was so impressed by her manners and maturity to handle the situation without a tear..( you see, it was so unlike me who could not control tears and definitely would have been so shaken if happened to me.). I even mentioned that to her as we were walking towards her house that day(she limping and me dragging her cycle, and she only smiled as I told her that.
We attended the same music class then and we used to walk to classes once a week together. I remember her bubbly voice chatting and telling me stuff that someone 2 year older to you could tell and you would listen with such amazement and wonder. :). We bonded a lot during our commute, not to mention climbing on the terrace of the 4 storied building to enjoy the views while waiting for our teacher who would be late sometimes.
Later, I changed my music classes but then started travelling to city to school, so we would sometimes meet in the bus. Whenever I met her, we would have lots to chat and giggle about.
The other memory of her that I am left with is watching her perform at local programs as she was a classical dancer.
Eventually we met lesser and lesser as we finished school and I left to another town to study under graduation course.
Then of course, I never lived at my parents place for longer time other than holidays and she also moved towns with work. The next we met was on Facebook over the last few years where she did look weak and pale.. But I never asked.
Wish I did 
So dear friend, wherever you are.. I want you to know that you did touch my heart in your own bold and cool way.. You will be missed..



  1. Made me nostalgic… beautiful writeup!

    • Thank you

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