Posted by: SK | May 7, 2013

Brush with famous …

Iifa opening night
* my first conscious brush with fame – this time Bollywood n that too the ” highly regarded” forms of Hindi cinema.
After loads of contemplation, realising how I used to stay away from famous n rich.. Pretending to ignore.. I remember avoiding meeting eyes with Sanjay dutt, Nagma n her sister, n stealthily looking away at AOL ashram.
Further I remember meeting Kannada superstar Ananth Nag n that was too treated with the same ” I don’t care who you are” attitude. Probably it was my inferiority complex that stopped me or the very fact that I could not take any sort of ” oh, you typical fans” sort of behaviour.
Fast forward 10 years n now..
I am here sitting in hyots cinema waiting to watch the first Hindi movie ” raja harischandra” .. This moment is iconic for me for the very reason that I love Bollywood which is the biggest link to me towards my homeland and all the events and times in life since the time i wanted to be a child in mr. India to admiring watching raj kapoor in “mera Nam joker” , from my dhak dhak moment with Madhuri to when I cried for anjali..from watching zubeida to admiring rani in black .. The list in endless ,the love grows stronger .. Tasteful and better..
Like vintage wine… πŸ™‚

Update: I actually saw n spoke, as in asked a “fattu😜” question to Vidya Balan ..I must have sounded so sad but hey.. My first brush of fame … Oh man .. She is such a doll n hav so much confidence.. Same with farah khan.. Her go – get nature is so infectious.. I wish I could talk to them all.. N there was prabhu deva .. N Simi Garewal .. It was just too good πŸ™‚ loved to be a part of history.. N to know about sir dada sahib palke .. Such beautiful couple and the movie ” raja Harischandra” was too good.. To see it exactly a 100 year of its release to date iis something I will always cherish through my life..

N with this excitement I can say” Swathy 😜is back n in full swing” πŸ™‚

P.s: cannot update video from here:( (iPad) 😱😧



  1. Wow coool…..must have been quite an experience. Totally get u on the first bit; despite being a die-hard fan of Salman Khan I refused an opportunity to meet him. Ofcourse I regretted it so much later :-P.

    So what did u ask Vidya Balan????

    • errr… the most smart question any smitten person would ask: what is your favourite movie?? πŸ˜› I know.. :what the…!!” moment.. πŸ™‚

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