Posted by: SK | April 7, 2013

About the picture above.. about the ‘missing’ posts and other rambles..

**I am back!! helllooooo..**

looking around.. 😦

no one.. sheeeee..(sh) why?

because I had disappeared.. several important events (good ,bad & ugly.. u decide) took place over the last 10 months I have been missing..

naturally.. people disappear.. friends and pals walk off seeing not a single post.. akhir kitna intazaar kare koi?

anyway.. if you ever come back:

here are some new news headlines:


a) last year, my birthday was awesome(june 3rd) with no Ajay( dont ask what was great.. read patiently).. yet made beautiful by a dear friend .. realised how sweet my friends actually are to me, inspite of me being a u-know-what!! 😉

b) Next day my whole world collapsed to loose a family member.. by law he is my father.. probably that s why the name.. he was every bit of it and the worst part.. I realised a lot of this after we lost him.. I know you are with us always mam.. and the pact remains.. I will try my best not to cry as you would want me not to….(a post on him, may be a few..  will be in here soon)

c) went to India urgently for the last rites, came back and my work contract finished within the next week.. which meant I was not just at lose of a dear one… but also one of the best things about my life- MY JOB..

d) that s the bad about my life.. now starts the good ones..

e) Imagine getting to sleep 2nd innings until 11.0 AM in the morning, having husband come home for lunch.. watching Star plus serials.. and going on walks anytime I want to..This is exactly what I did..

f) reconnected with a few good freinds from the past, watched the whole of Oympics.. that too closely.. sitting a metre away from the tele..cheered for India and Austrlia and “THE BOLT”, of course.. (also watched big brother after that.. but that s the ugly part.. lets concentrate on the good, shall we?? )

g) Most importantly, spoke to my mum, granny(anama) & dad almost everyday which I have not done since probably I left home at 17  to join B.Arch  in Manipal.

h) went to watch BATMAN with the same good friend with whom I spent my budday.. at her  slight push.. I agreed to go.. …. – midnight-premiere show..Thanks Ms.M.I enjoyed it thoroughly..

i) Got asked to rejoin the “sustainable” governement job.. part time in October..

j)went on a long drive in the same week with Aj on his work.. wont say where.. but we drove a total of 1485 kms in 20 hours.. yes.. WE ARE KUKOOOOOO.. :P( Love our madness Mr. Karki.. this is why I call my marriage a roller coaster ..)

k) usual job.. yada yada.. went from part time to full time in 6 weeks..

l)best part of last year..we went on a road trip with Mr.K & Ms.N.. who have recentely been awarded the “best travel companions for the mad Karki couple-2012/13” for the 1 st time.. for the following reasons:

1) for staying sane on our insane road trip to central Australia, cutting 2.5 states and  covering 5400 Kms in 8 see the “red centre” A.K.A Tirupathi of Australia as we call it fondly now..

2) do you really need more reason?? seriousely!!

recentely heard: Ms. N is frantically learning to drive so that we can go on another trip and she can also drive instead of being the “kangaroo watcher”..( Yes, yes.. another post on this too is needed, I know.. me and my bigh mouth!!)

m) back to work.. old boss retired.. new one recruited.. and by god!!! I am really “working” again the whole world of working in a “client side project management team” has got a whip and a wand..( a fhatoosh & a Swish..) and I am as good as I can possibly get into the steep learning curve of Project Management…. this is exciting and fun and scary and just confusing.. all at the same time..

n) march: started studying again.. this time post grad, part time..and loving every bit of it..

o) Went on only 2 running practices to do my bit for the little people at “Run FOR KIDS” 2 nd year in a row.. this time my timing was pathetic as I was sleep and sense deprived.. but next time.. I promise I ll do better.. hail, rain or sun..****AJ will crack his whip at this one and roar “RUBBISH” we ll see Mr. we will!!

J) between awesome work and being a student and having your husband also continuing his 2 nd masters.. (which means 2 students and ek bechara chinese neighbour who probably has got good ear muffs now..;).. you would think .. what else does one need..

well.. let s put in a tadka(seasoning) of a “to come soon”- BIG FAT WEDDING.. that too INDIAN WEDDING..

and that too.. MY OWN LIL SISTAAAR s WEDDING..**sniff snifff.. my baby….wahhhhhh!!

coming soon to INDIA..( er.. myself.. not the wedding) and the wedding is in JULY!!

of course.. my sweet friends in the blog world..

and I will be turning the magic.. Joe dreaded.. beautiful June……( if you see friends.. you ll know how much)//

and there will be a big speech then ..some party.. some thank you notes and gifts.. and love sent out to special people of my life..

until some of you come back, read and go..

let me shoo off and finish the rest of my “resource management- chapter 4- resource planning”

Love and lots of hugs,

Swathy..who is… still hanging in there.. BeTWeeN Earth & Sky..












  1. Welcome back sweetheart… always loved reading ur blogs 🙂
    N wow… o have put the last year into perspective 🙂

    Lookng fwd to read more of it 🙂

    • thanks Babe.. glad to see you back too 🙂 may be with a little more nudge.. I ll start writing babbling again..thank you..

  2. Hahaaaa…back with a bang eh 😀

    So much happened and you didn’t say a word. I mean atleast when were staying home u shd have blogged some;-/.

    I’m sorry to hear about your uncle’s passing away. In the beginning ti hurts but as time passes we focus on the happier times which is the best way.

    Ur road trip sounds fantastic, best wishes for exams and sooo get ur excitement on ur trip to India for the BIG FAT Wedding 😀

    Not the least, keep writing Swathy:-).

  3. Ohh.. thanks Nancy.well.. just a phase.. just a chapter in everyone s life.. we move on.. people and things and everything changes as you said :). there are other issues with me that causes me to sink further into deep dark spaces and I just stay there 😦
    with some aid I can come back.. usually one would say being social helps.. but the problem itself is ” being social” 🙂

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