Posted by: SK | May 3, 2012

Presepctively yours -2

Great!! This was supposedly the actual post I had written.. then decided to put in This incident as a priority to post the more funnier one later.. and what do I find? The draft has not been saved somehow & worse.. as I said to reflections..” For the love of my life.. I cannot remember”

Don’t you hate it when this happens to you??  ugh!!

If  I ever remember what the pathetic incident was.. (which my brain must have conveniently archieved considering  it might have a major impact on my tiny pea-brain..)

I ll definitely update this post..

damn!! its once in a blue moon that I get something written.. and as an icing on the cake.. Now i ve begun to lose some of those as well..

* head hung in shock/shame..





  1. U haven’t updated after May…not remembering is no excuse;-/
    Come on….tell us about new goof-ups 😀

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