Posted by: SK | April 17, 2012


My dear Life,
Just as I thought I have had enough embarrassments for the week by tripping over a miniscule of a step, running after a already moving train in the station or stiffening a yawn when I am supposed to look immersed in the conversation during a meeting –  you came up with your own little sweet surprise to make the week feel more complete, what did you say? You don’t even remember?? Well done !!
Now that s what I am here for. To remember & remind…
The whole story began when yours truly drafted a letter to sent to external consultants(EC here after) in a project management(PM) software named Aconex( Similar to Lotus notes, but is more relevant to PM).This was to request them to keep certain correspondences of items called CPR using Aconex .(hint:  remember these 2 words in bold , they ll be handy to laugh at me, later)
Now I am not one of those who can trusted to re-read and spell every single word I throw on paper or type correctly, So I have trained myself to do a spell check to be doubly sure I know what I am sending spells right.
Till this incident, I thought Spell check was the very next miracle following Cloning, But you cannot take anything for granted these days. Thus proven here by.
So after the email was successfully drafted with all the items in place, I started the spell check during which i was only interrupted twice by a telephone call & a laugh over some joke across the office..
Nodding my head, I meticulously finished the spell check & pressed send..
Gasp!! Stop.. stop!! my brain screamed!!
what.. how..
I felt like sinking into the ground the very minute and disappear for my boss & his boss was also c-c d into this. Not just them, the external consultants who wont spare even one chance to throw me off .. this was an excellent opportunity for them to moke.Most importantly: how could I do this? My head was screaming with all these thoughts. 😦
Bad swathy!! Bad bad swathy!! Cursing myself, I slowly let the joke on me sink in because my email, which was already sent a few seconds ago by now, was reading something in the lines of –

“ Dear Blah Blah,
Further to my instruction over telephone, please remember to issue the
Capers in Agonies .To keep the approvals of Capers in Agonies has been the usual procedure, however I think it would be good if we have all further correspondence regarding capers via agonies ,Just to keep all the information in a single thread. This would also mean we do not have to specifically request for information on meetings, discussions with consultants/clients/builders as they could be either done through Agonies . This also means notes about it could be saved along with the Capers when issued through you.
Thanks & regards,”

                     to the times of million & more..

Those who did not get this yet.-  simple!! While I was interrupted during spell check I had clicked ‘replace all’ for Capers instead of CPR’s and Agonies instead of Aconex!!
Though I managed to immediately blame it all on Friday and somehow managed out of a ‘you… scum bag and  un professional person’ kind of talk/ look all  thanks to the really cool people my boss & his boss are, the EC’s did not have a choice but to keep quite and may be laugh amongst themselves..
And thus the joke was successfully executed on me..
Thank you life..
I hope this is one of the last ones for now..
Till the next one..
I ll live you with more confidence, more strength & more cheer..
Perspective’ly yours,

P.S: you ll know ‘why- presepective’ly yours’ when I write the part 2 of this.. Yes, there was another bad joke played at my cost, as though the last one was not good enough!! !!! grrrr..

..(Enthiraan/Ro-bo-da style!!)



  1. Hahahahaaaaaaaa……hoooooohhhoooooooooo, I’m holding my stomach & laughing 😀
    *nancy wipes off grin from face and puts on her sympathetic face*
    U poor thing, how terrible for u…….it’s ok these things happen to everybody, u just act like nothing happened and they’ll follow ur cue.

    But seriously I had such a good laugh after a loooong time.

    Capers in Agonies……hoooooooooohahahahahaaaaaaaaa…..

    I’m going, I’m going 😀

    • hahaha.. was too tied up with work, so much that I now regret now having written that post -part 2 the same day.. because now..
      the worst has happened!! for the love of my life.. I cannot figure out what it was on about!! sheesh!! let me again check the drafts if I cen get a hint..
      * bad swathy!! bad bad swathy!! 😛
      thanks for laughing along Nancy!! you are a treasure.. really!! LOL!!

  2. Ummmm…..part 2????

    • see above!! 😦

  3. Just noticed the picture, cooooool….
    err…wht did u do to it :-P????

    • Nothing, I just turned it upside down, the picture is actually a reflection of the quay at Syndey harbour and the ‘reflection’ is as caught on the glazing of Opera House.. 😀

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