Posted by: SK | March 9, 2012

A letter with a Tag..

Dear  Nancy,
Hope the doom & gloom  (kale exam-wale baadal) is over now..and I am answering the Tag .. Just for you !! 🙂
I pray that you will be very successful in winning over Mr. Exam!!
Allright.. here s the rules as given below & my answers… 🙂
1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post & then create 11 new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag 11 people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!
1.)      If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
          FLY ( need I mention safely, adhering to All international code of conduct, standard etc..) at 1000km/ sec .. This way I can visit my parents & in-law s alternatively every weekend.
Oh oh!! I should also be able to  carry a few kilo of luggage everytime I do so.. this way, I can bring FOOOOOOD everytime I visit home(s) 😀 .. wow..
And once I ve had enough of  parents & Inlaws  have had “ENOUGH” of me..(when they ll start grumbling  too much about the lazy me..) I ll begin my ” Visit-a-city-of-my-choice- every weekend ” …wowwwwww… I wish.. I wish.. I wish.. 😛
2.)      What was your favourite childhood television program?
   hmm.. The first one I can think of is ” Tehkikaat”.. Used to wait the whole week for Tuesdays.. I used to take great pleasure in trying to use my own “detective” skills to speculate the ending of every case as 1 case would generally last 2 episodes..
This was of course in my middle school days & I hope that can pass as “Childhood”
3.)      Have / had any celebrity crushes ?  
Only one.. Saurav Ganguly.. Love him love him love him..
I mean… loved him.. hmmmmmmmm..** long sigh!!
4.)      If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
everywhere I could possibly go.. again go back & read my first answer.. 🙂 for me.. the whole Freggin’ world is too beautiful to even miss a single place.. 🙂
5.)      Name 1 thing you miss about being a child.
summer holidays.. 2 whole months of it..and NO!! I was never bored.. never..
6.)      Name the one comic/book character that you loved the most and why?
I loved ‘Jasmine’ from Disney’s ‘Allahdin’.. why?? Have you not seen her cute eyes and super-sexy clothes, i wished.. I was like her.. ** with big eyes and a great body!! (Very shallow, I know.. still.. :D)
7.)      What is the one thing that you are dying to try but haven’t had a chance to do so yet ?
Sky Diving .. I don’t think I will ever get myself to do it.. But I still want to do it.. Get it? Get it??
“I hate you like I love you” kind-a-situation
8.)     Do you have a role model – someone you want to emulate? Whom do you admire the most?
My Paternal grandparents.. No.. I cannot choose one. I admire them the most… There were and still are the people who I look upon.. I still talk to Ajja (Grand Dad) (he s no more alive.. Still ..) and adore every moment I spend with Anama..(grand ma)
9.)      What do others make of you?
        I get influenced by small things which I don’t even notice consciously in others.. Like I go into Automated mode and pick “slangs”, bit of accents, words,laughing style.. facial expressions..the list can go wielder & longer..(Okay.. I can almost see all of you ordering large Abaayas /raincoats/scarfes to hide from me if we are going to meet..)
BTW, does this answer the question??
10.)  Have you ever gotten into a fight or punched someone ?
I ve never punched.. my knuckles are not that strong.. But I have definitely got into fight & have surely  hit/pushed/shoved  quite a few perverts/idiots/despo’s in Public transport since my child hood.. I have been taught very young of  respecting myself  &  my body  & no compromise with it.. All credits to Amma & Anama.. the strong women of my life!!
11.)   For Girls – If you woke up tomorrow to find out you are Brad Pitt, what would be the first thing you’d say upon looking in the mirror???
no saying anything baby.. this sexy body says it all  ;P
I would still be Swathy Intenally(Wont I??), so I be wowing & oogling at my super-hot-body!! 😉
i dont care if am called a narcissist!! 
Allright.. I ve done the tag, Again too lazy to change the questions..
Also, since I am back after many centuries now.. may be, you .. who are reading this , may take up the tag.. But let me know when you do it.. and again.. keep visiting!! 🙂


  1. Yessss the exams got over yesterday, I’m a freeee bird now….freeee.FREEEE;-D

    Tehkikaat huh……I still can recall the face of that detective 😀
    @ 2 months of summer hols…hah wait till u have kids, then u’ll groan and moan when the very same SH happens 😦
    Yeah Jasmine is really cute and sky diving…..ur scared and yet u want to….:-o
    Loved ur 10th answer…..I wish I was like that, I just freeze 😦

    Thanks for taking up the tag!!!! Keep blogging:-))!!!!!!

    • Dear Free bird,
      I am glad for you now that the exam’s over…
      Are you planning a vacation soon??
      I am glad I took up the tag, puts some additional practice towards regular blogging..

  2. I luvvvved tehkikat too. Sam and Gopi 😀
    Grandparents mean so much to us, alva 🙂

    • gopi.. thats the name I was looking for.. 😛
      hehe..remembered Sam..
      True, Grandparents are like that.. very lovable souls!! 🙂

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