Posted by: SK | February 24, 2012

Hey Mr. T – Adiós!!

Dear Mr T,

Ours was an interesting relationship- A love-hate kind of which later on evolved into something so beautiful, that I just cannot believe things are not the same anymore.You were never really my-kind-of-guy you know… I always preferred the more sophisticated, calm, elegant or I may loosely quote ‘very feline ones’ and thought they were the best… until I met you.

Our initial meetings were not that great, there was no spark, no love- at -first sight , all there was  few dirty looks & killing stares. You did definitely voice your displeasure because you were (almost) a member of the family for a long time now and took me as a intruder ..

Eventually you started ignoring me and trust me, the feeling was mutual.  Even I never cared more about you. But as days became months and matured into years.. I met you many a times when I came ‘home’ yes.. Your family accepted me as one of them and the house became my home by then. Slowly, sweet but careful developments took out the bitterness in me and I could not help, but fall deeply into your charm.

Every move of yours seemed funny, everything you did seemed so cute and you started trusting me as well. Your eyes showed me how much you care and you moves just plastered the feelings firmer.

The last time I met you, we even managed a few personal outings… Just you & me. your shy looks melted my heart… you encouraged me to jog and even showed off your strenght  by continuing to jog while I was gasping for breath!! offf..what a show-off you were really!!

You looked  a bit ill sometimes, everyone said you were getting older, but I could not believe it… how is it possible ? my heart said..

I mean, 15 is not old right?

The day came when I had to bid farewell to return to my work. When I was leaving, you came to see me off. I told you to be good and not trouble the family, but did not realise how seriously you would take the words… that you would rather leave the world than cause the family any trouble!!

I never knew Totty, you beautiful little Pomeranian…  that would be the last time I d see you alive… Never knew that  this was the last picture I clicked of you.

Totty with his cheerful self as always..

 Yes, you left the world and the beautiful family you loved on the 23rd of this month. To quote my sister in law “without any complications, without any pain”… You took your last breath on one of your usual walks.

I don’t have to tell you how much you will be missed by each one of us… but I will never forget you as the first dog friend I ever had, for accepting me ,for making me feel a part of the beautiful family you are a important part of. Thank you My little ‘ Totts lotto’  .. 🙂

I will love you always and I know you are in the special dog-heaven of yours…  with lots of hot & cute angels around you… feeding you little delicate morsels of your favourite fish 😉 and taking good care of you. Be sure to get that Pedi-Mani done.. your nails are unbearable to look at.. really!! 🙂

 Adiós… my little friend… We all will miss you…

Always yours,




  1. Awwww…..I’m so sorry!!!!!
    Losing a pet is not a small thing, my sister & I have cried so much when our pets’ went away for ever. And for one of them I was there when she took her last breaths…it was heart-wrenching.

    U take care girl!!!!

    • thanks 🙂
      I will.. In fact we are looking to get a new pet for Mum in law.. she misses her ‘little boy’ the most!! 😀

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