Posted by: SK | April 23, 2010

Friday night!!

Picture 1 : Spaghetti pasta in Bechamel sauce   , Pictures 2,3,4 &5: ĕntree – olives,tomato,cucumber,grilled red capsicum and chicken tikka.

Updated on 24/04/10 Spaghetti pasta in Bechamel sauce is done as per this Recipe from the “Singing chef” **DRUM ROLL!!!!! Thank you Raga-.:)My first ever pasta recipe with sauce from scratch..and the best so far by personal rating was yummm!!

The ĕntree – well!! trade secret!(means not yet perfected ..hehe..) It is LONG WEEKEND!! yippeee!!! 🙂



  1. Err nanna yavathu karyadu ootakke 😛

    • adakke heliddu, vacation/ work enadru nepa madkondu ibru banni.. anytime except navu india ge baro time ..:D
      sakkat maja irutte.. 🙂

  2. Wow every snap is just mouthe watering…yummmmmmmmmm

    • Thank you shree, I have given the links of the site I got the pasta recipe..
      or many be you know the singing chef’s blog already!! 🙂 it is awesomely easy to follow her blog.. after Uj’s kitchen experiments.. 😀

  3. oh man… my mouth is watering 😦

    u will be responsible if i drool on my Lappy 😛

    PS: another magpie is up… if u r interested 🙂

    • haha, Thanks Chhaya, Very flattered.:)
      hehe, Magpies is the nem of our football team here.. have an important match tomorrow..:)
      For a moment, I was wondering ” how did she know aj is a mad fan of the pies n me a once-off-once-on fan”? till I rememberred ” DUH!! it s magpie tales time!! “

  4. Matthe maaya na?

  5. Hello madam. Ellidira?

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