Posted by: SK | April 21, 2010

Time- less!!

Turning around the corner, she carefully surveys the dark lane. Squinting her eyes to adjust to the  dim-light, she wipes the tiny beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

 “ugh! why the hell am I perspiring in this cold night, isnt  it like 10 minutes since I ‘made up’ my face“- grumbling  with a small whisper to no-one in particular she rushes towards ‘Tower Road’.

The clock tower, holding its head high for some many decades  now since the British times goes about doing its work without any sign of tiredness, ticking away uncaring to show ten to-ten . Her eyes moves from the clock to the expensive one on her wrist a Tag-heuer  .It ticked softly as if to re-confirm the time and answer the question in her mind.The clock on the tower is accurate to the minute.

 Seeing the car already waiting for her at the end of the road, she starts to run towards the vehicle knowing very well if she does not make it now, it would mean just another  opportunity for him to be sarcastic and ‘smart ‘. “Meet me at sharp ten’o clock“- he had told her over the phone earlier. ” we cannot afford to be late ” he had added sternly as she tried to bargain for a few more minutes, but she knew it would not work ‘her way’, not when it is her ‘first time’.

Now she could see his face frowning through the un-tinted glass of the car, un-tinted was something she could not help noticing to think ‘what a tight A&# for such a show-off “. She jumps next to him,tries to strike a polite conversation as he cuts her out by pointing to the clock on the tower  which now shows “five past ten”.She looks out of the window as he starts another lecture on how important it is to be punctual in her line of work, cannot afford to loose business by being  late and all that jazz. As the car  races at 100K/hr down the highway, he asks “Nervous?”.She just says a feeble “No”  and decides to keep her mouth shut. She adjusts her red blouse and runs her hand through her hair trying to look at herself in the corner mirror.‘Wait, just u wait..’

she thinks angrily.. 


 They board the plan  to Port hedland – the mining mekka. Then she ll tell the “chauvnist-pig” of her senior colleague -who is bl*&%# nervous, him or her??! and that too in front of her clients. She  just cannot erase the smile now glued to her face thinking of her opportunities at taking a  “big  leap ” in her career as a lawyer, if this deal between the 2 mining giants work out. ‘I ll do my very best towards it’ she promises herself as a determined as she could be,clutching  her laptop bag & files  she runs towards the chartered plane waiting for them at the local airport.

This is my entry towards Magpie tales.

Thanks Chhaya – you know why.



  1. Wow very nicely written..just loved it 🙂

    • thank you 🙂

  2. awww…. u r most welcome!! i m really happy to see u joining in 🙂

    i loved the narration and the flow. the girl came out so strong from inside!!

    keep writing Swat… 🙂

    • 🙂 Did she? Thank you.:)
      the more I thought about the complexities of narrating this concept, the more times i edited the write-up..
      Finally gave in to time and posted it..
      If it was readable, it was worth the efforts! 😀

  3. very nicely played out tale…there is a good flow to this…

    • Thank you Brian.Glad this was read! 🙂

  4. I think the idea of him using “time” as a point of conflict – almost a weapon is interesting, and makes for a great psychological twist!

    • Thanks for writing. Hmmm, Ya I intended to give a similar twist as you ve mentioned,if not actually to do with thime.Havent written much fiction before,as you can see. 🙂 I took the 10 PM as a time when a lot of illegal activities happen on the streets,and I tried to give anyone reading this a feeling that she s off to do something ‘illegal’ like drug dealing/prostitution and similar.well, not sure how many assumed it to be so.. 🙂

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