Posted by: SK | April 20, 2010

of Instant(s) lately!

I believe..

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I’ve  believed in Karma always, but incidents these days has made me change my mind.It is not “just Karma”, It is the latest new-generation “Instant Karma” folks!

Let me explain please. I think, since us as in all of us are in a ‘quick-fast-snap’ era where we have to run for our lives all the time  (or else let life run over us) Karma has also taken on to  this trend . Gone are the day when you do some deed and then wait for the reflex act. Today it is aab karo- aab bugto’ style. 😉

 A few instances at least  in my life screams the same to me. The one that hit me most have been narrated here.

I always ridicule(yes, that s the exact word.. nothing less  sadly) Aj for  not turning off the lights behind him as he leaves any space( before you fight dear.. I ll make it most of the times I notice..) thus making it very predictable for me a-la- Byomkesh Bakshi to trace his ‘path of activity’ almost well  around the small house where we live. 😀 which makes his life  a little more complicated.

Until…few moments later, he ll show me something worse in comparison to his deed with a snigger and a “hah” – yup, I would have forgotten to turn off the heater or worse the flame of the stove .”

😦 You see, this is INSTANT KARMA . well, POINT TAKEN..  *gulp. Though I do it less often than him.. well.. a mistake is a mistake.. isn’t it?

Moral Swat learnt: sure, go ahead to make sure that you leave a smaller carbon print on earth but..BUT do it with a little more patience, a little less arrogance.. a little more sensitively or worse.. just go &  TURN OFF THE DAMN LIGHTS FOLLOWING YOUR HUSBAND AROUND THE PLACE WITHOUT MAKING SO MUCH FUSS..  :-/

I can almost hear a personified ‘hi-tech’ Karma lady saying  ” I REST MY CASE”  🙂


Updated later: I should have mentioned this at the start but, this post is just our thoughts and does not intend to contradict or compliment anyone s belief. This is also a result of one of the few’ brain storming’ sessions between Aj and me. So concept credits are shared with co-owner . 🙂


  1. He he he 😛

    • yenu hehe..ashtena??thanks 🙂
      ninna daily patrol kelaskke karitini lights off madodakke..yeradu dina nodona..
      amele nodona 😉
      hey, cant u both come to melbourne for ur on-site work stuff..
      plsssss… come na..
      i assure you ll never regret!

      • LOL .. just for a vacation bandre hege 😉

    • Hw I wish there ws a way I cud track the better half .. u must be glad he helps u in ur detective work alva 😉

      • I ve invited many close ones for vacations,
        everyone has a similar answer of taa far, more expensive, not worth etc.:(
        so I ve changed my line to come for atleast a work tour.. 🙂
        hoo amma, illi nanu lights off madodu ondu maha kelasa anta andkondre , u just gave me a better perspective..
        Now I ll know what he is up tp 😉
        thanks .:)

  2. Poor Aj!!! hee hee.. i loved the Byomkesh Bakshi reference 😉

    jokes apart… a very thought provoking post 🙂

    • I used to love that program on dd.
      have to ckeck if we get those dvd’s when we come home to India.
      Thank you..:)

  3. Hey that’s really a good post,looks like your brain storming sessions must be good enough 🙂

    • thanks,
      we seem to be doing more of these chat sessions than bringing things to work lately though! 😉

  4. My parents always said KARMA in olden days use to take 12 years to come back. Due to lot of back logs and then the priorities.. n stuff like that. However due to computerised system,these days looks like God doesnt maintain books so the process is pretty fast. And due to recent upgade in server, It doesnt even take 12 days these days.. Yesterday someone forgot to turn off the gas stove again (with the flame ofcourse) for whole day!!! this could have been happend for finding some mistakes earlier ???
    Isn’t it a good exaple of Karma’s server working faster these days ?

    • hey.. Mistakes happen..OKAY!! :-/ Moreover, someone does not do mistakes as often as some other s do.. 😉

      • Looks like u hv a permanent visitor nw, who lets ur readers know the other side of things too 😛 So, 2-in-1 fun namagella 😉 😉

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