Posted by: SK | April 9, 2010

Welcome on-board


Welcome home.. my lovely friends out a special party at my new address.

Also introducing my better half Aj who could be  very shy with words, but is very expressive with his pics.. see the one above. 🙂

I hope together we should be able to bring the best of creative juices flowing just right… 🙂

with less talking let’s get to work  BETWEEN EARTH & SKY

Hope you ll enjoy the ‘mushroom risotto’ I  ve cooked  clicked for the vegetarians and ‘chicken Manchurian’  for the rest.

Food for you...

A standard  lemonade / lime bitter with a twist of vodka if required( no, we did not have it.. 🙂  I mean the vodka).. makes it all more enjoyable.

Also see this.

u ll love it and will have your mouth s watering in no time..just like me.. 🙂

see you  folks.. have a great weekend!!

As for Aj n me.. retail therapy is on the cards 😀



  1. Woww! Retail therapy 😉
    Hv a gr8 weekend and thanks for the warm welcome 😀

    Here’s ur gift 😛

    Special thanks for ur concern towards the vegetarians lol 😉

  2. hehe, thanks for the gift!!
    nice.. felt like I am having house warming. 🙂
    will update the pic..:)
    ya, I suddenly remembered u r a vegeterian after uploading the pics.. so edited the write -up too accordingly..;)
    but mushroom risotto s yummy.. 🙂
    with ceddar cheese n cooking wine.. makes a filling meal.:)try sometime.(even without the wine if u want to)

    • Aww thatz so sweet of u 🙂

  3. I am here, as i promised 🙂

    awesome pic! i dont like mushrooms but u made my mouth water 😀

    hope u had an awesome weekend 🙂

  4. Thanks Ch’H’aya..
    hehe, glad u liked the pictures..
    yes, i did..
    awesome deals @ Direct factory outlets here.. 🙂
    aj’s currently plannin to declare bnkrupcy-if i continue this way..;)

  5. Hey first time here..nice pictures 🙂

    • Thanks Shree..
      I ve opened a new page seperate for pics ..
      Hoping to see your comments/suggestions on my posts..

  6. Thank U for the lovely welcome :-D!!!!!

    Retail therapy sounds just the thing, ENJOI :-D!

    • I did enjoy!
      hopefully I ll keep up my expectations of witing soemthing regularly..[:)]

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