Posted by: SK | November 28, 2009

Blank- Mindless chatter!

Right here, Right now..
Absolutely blank..
To a chatterbox like me, blanking off is definitely off the cards.
Well, Have to see what I ll come up with tomorrow.
By the way, It is quite hard to imagine I am at the end of the blog marathon , minus 2 days..and now I am BLANK!! 😦
This reminds me of the time, during my university course, when we had a jury( when I say jury, it is a viva where we present our design projects to lecturers or external people who are called ‘jurors’ :/
Already with the scary sounding viva, Someone had to present the whole project by itself, which I had no problem with as someone had to do it.
All went well, but the moment I came to talk about my work itself, I was tongue tied.
No words came, Nothing!
I stared at my work sheets pinned up, stared real hard, But no! I could not for heaven’s sake remember what was to be told! Fortunately, the jurors understood as I tried to stop a tear rolling down my cheeks.
They asked me to relax, go out for sometime and I was allowed to give my jury at the end.
All went well in the end, But still makes me wonder why did I go blank?
did this happen to you?



  1. Extremely common case I have heard. 🙂 Many go blank. But somehow I try to cook up something that is totally believable. May be it is the face. ;-)The "Jurors" brought back to me memories of "Aurors" from Harry Potter. See the resemblance, no? 😉

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