Posted by: SK | November 25, 2009

four on eight!

Just on time, when I was getting a bit saturated .. Nancy here has tagged me!
To write 8 things on each topic is quite an effort, But I shall try my best..
here it comes :

8 TV shows I like to watch: (not in any particular order)
I should say 8 TV shows we jointly agree to watch …
1.Two and half men
3.Any good documentary on SBS channel.
4.World news Australia
6.Better homes and gardens
7.Any animation movie played on TV, ANY!!
8.I think I don’t have a 8 the fav. show… Basically TV here sucks!! 😦 so these are the only ones qualified to be ‘watchable.

8 favourite places to eat
again I am impartial to all these- love them all equally
1.Of,course home 1- love my granny’s meals anytime.
2. home 2- whatever my Mother in law cooks especially chicken!
3.home 3 – love aj’s lamb curry and sausage scrambles! slurp!!
4.Namaskar India (our regular hang-out place) love the food and prices 😉
5.Nandos – espeically the quarter chicken meals.. yumm!!
6.Nandini in Bangalore (loved the banana leaf meals)
7.Dollops in Manipal.. The countless times we ate here as students running away from mess food- thier veg steam rice is a master peice.
8.Pabbas in Mangalore – the best ice cream parlour ever. If you ever go to Mangalore and dont eat ice-cream at Pabbas, your trip is incomplete..*can I hear all mangaloreans say YES!

8 things I look forward to
1. Going to India and meeting everyone I love without a time bomb ticking away which means I have only limited time for each one! 😦
2. Christmas break – no vacations planned this time, But all I want to do is relax .
3. Reading Dan brown ‘s latest book
4. Baking/ experiments with baking
5. Loosing weight, Should say more weight
6. Regular work out to ensure point 5 happens
7. Long, nice beautiful nails. 😉
8. Finishing my deadlines in office well before Christmas break or else I ll end up thinking about it all time.

8 things that happened yesterday
1. I got the 8.04 train, though I reached the station late because the train was running late..huhuuuuu!
2. My dearest friend A called from India and we spoke after really really long time
3. Laughed at the antics of a 6 year old sitting in front of me in the train ans she enjoying the attention, did more of it! 😛
4. The day began with chilly weather and ended with scorching heat! 😦 damn, I had to carry my coat back in the bag, making it look like I was carrying a small animal :/
5. 6 of us had a major discussion via phone and e-mails to go bowling tomorrow. (yay!)
6. went to the gym for aerobics class and was surprised to see that the instructor was a substitute and she is a colleague’s friend – we had earlier met at office parties, so I worked extra hard ! 😛
7. I got a reminder from the electricity company about a un-paid bill which I have already paid! 😦
8. Aj got a call and I was surprised to see him talking for so long, As i could not figure out who it was.Later found it was a survey about state schools!!
er… WHAT! we have not attended school here neither know someone so close who does! 😀

This was real hard! more to come later..Cannot finish the tag at one go..



  1. Good one mate!! very good one!!!

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