Posted by: SK | November 21, 2009

Just a thought..

Thanks for all your prayers and wishes, It really helped.
He is doing much better now and health is improving!

Have you ever had situations where you feel so helpless and lost, that you just decide nature will take its course and time will heal things to the best!
Cause I have experienced that in a number of instances.
Simple ones like not joining a job i got in campus interview because my parents did not want me to move to delhi, I was angry, sad and disappointed as 3 of my friends did go.
However,I got a job in Bangalore, joined the job and now if I turn back and look, Life could not have been better for a fresh graduate with all the work exposure, wonderful team mates and some of them now friends for life.
It s been 4 years since I joined that place and almost 3 since I left, But I still feel, with the turn of events…
All that happened was /is for some good.
It is for us to find what to relish / to learn from the bitter parts if any.


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