Posted by: SK | November 20, 2009

no more.. no less…. just 55 words!!

Kicking an unconscious Manu again,Sanjay started looking for the money,It had to there.where could a bundle disappear?
He looked everywhere he could think, No use…
Deep under the carpet, below the floor board, a few scurrying mice see something green and edible,slowly they reach it and a tiny noice – chomp chomp!


‘Should I?’- She asks herself again. ‘Oh, this torture, cannot take it anymore ‘ a tiny voice says.She puts her head down, as though she cannot bear to hear it any longer.
Moments later, happily eating a double mocha chocolate icecream, the red highlighted words of warning from the dietitian s letter seems to mock her.


P.S: did I sound very criminal? hehe, I am experimenting on every possible thing to write :)By the time, the month’s gone.. I would have licked clean many a sane brains – so my inner voice s shouting.Also I am desperatly trying to make a fifty five words note of this.Yipppeee, I made it!!


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