Posted by: SK | November 19, 2009


Staying calm and focused
she did, once for all
raised to be brave
as need, she thought

close to her, he was not
neither were they friends
but her heart could not bear
the trouble , no doubt

the series of pain
running through him
his face , a deep crimson
his body frail and limp

she wished to hold his hand
gave a smile, some hope
a little prayer , that s all
for him, she told

P.S: some things are not in our control, But I truly believe that well wishes and a little positive vibe helps a lot.All my blog dosts, I too want a little prayer from you for someone one you many not know.
It will make a difference, so that is all I ask.
(No more questions please, wont be able to tell:) )Nothing to worry,chill-pill..



  1. ……???????? Nicely said.

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