Posted by: SK | November 18, 2009


A girl sitting braiding her hair,probably a school girl. She opens her bag and out comes a big cosmetic bag.she continues with her work as though she doe sent care who does.
This guy looking new,confused glances, looks around for directions.Soon he look re-assured and decides to relax.Phew!!Probably new here….
The lady with a red bag, probably in her early sixties fumbles with her coins and drops one of them.
Instantly comes in picture , the bearded man with a brief case who picks it up for her as she mumbles a “thank you”.
Walks a mum with a pram, her toddler who seems like she s already tired just sitting in the boring thing. All she wants is get out,but mum s too busy balancing a bag, the pram and of course the little one.
And I sit watching all these people, totally jobless as we all wait for the tram.
Another useless post, well.. it is better than not writing anything.

P.S: I have this friend V who s recently started reading my blog. πŸ™‚
Thanks for the encouragement and Welcome officially! πŸ™‚


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