Posted by: SK | November 15, 2009

Secret Tag

I am not sure I am have too many secrets about me.
Even If I do, They are a BIG SECRET!! (Ha,ha Kidding)
1) During my School days, after say std 5, I have never written notes( you know the ones with Q & A) for any subject except Mathematics of course.
I believed that one needs to know more than what s in those questions and answers,So i used to study just from the text books and every answer coming on the answer sheets would be well, On -the -spot.
Helped the creative juices flow 😉 but sometimes would be quite a disaster. 🙂

2) Regarding the same one, I think most of my teachers knew about me not writing any notes, But well, I think they would ignore this trait as I was not doing all that bad in Exams anyway and I could answer any twisted question from the text book, so why complain ?

3) Though I haven’t given any formal exam, I have learnt Carnatic music for 8 years. Me along with my mum who used to learn it with me, have sung in quite a few programs and cultural functions. Sad thing is I am out of touch and as I told , Have not formal certificate for this.

4) Even though, I literally quiver like an arrow while facing a crowd or audience, I somehow overcame the stage -fear factor with real efforts and I am quite proud of it!! (now-a days people like me have no modesty- are you saying? well, What to do… sigh!! 😉 )

5) I plan every single thing like I have a mental diary. It s another thing whether I follow it word by word, But my mind constantly churns out time table for me!

6) Inspite of being a very talkative person with a very active social life all my life, Still I am known to be a very reserved, silent and a quite person in my work place. I open my mouth only in front of certain people and never speak unless really necessary.
(I shall soon know if by any chance someone reads this from office. )

That s all folks!
Good night and I wont tag anyone , but you are most welcome to take the tag. But do let me know if you have any secrets to go public .Write atleast one in the comment box, will you???


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