Posted by: SK | November 13, 2009

changed and the un-changed

We all believe and agree we are in the modern age.Along with technology, we have also advanced , if not have lots of things that has changed in and around us.This huge world has shrunk to become a “global village” with greater advancements in technology.
Sometimes, As I run about, doing my routine,I stop to wonder how things have changed over time in me. From Dosas and Idli platter that I fed on almost everyday, we have changed to “whole grain” toast with “fat free spreads” for most breakfasts, Not just because I am quite inefficient in waking up any early than 6.30,but also because they are healthy , easily bought and we don’t mind eating it.This is just an instance how the day’s beginning has changed.
Our clothes, fashion sense, methods of going about a problem,living style are some other things influenced by modern times.
However, I still pray , religiously follow all rituals and festivals to my best ability, which again most of us do.A link to what has been learnt by us from our past.Most time we do this sensibly , but some times, we tend to believe in things that could sound just so unreasonable, yet we follow.
Like for Instance, I never accept anything with my left hand from anyone.
Even if I am hanging on to the holding rail in a crazy roller coaster ride(hypothetically) and some one from the left corner in the back seat offers me something, I will still do some stunt and stretch my right hand by turning in a weird position ,but No! I won’t use left hand.
Sounds silly, to show such partiality towards your own hands, but that s the way I am.

A lot of such believes come and go as generations pass by, But the other day i saw this little boy of Indian origin standing beside his mum and incidentally stepped on her.Immediately he touched her and then put the hand back on his heart and forehead *. I was surprised and happy that the mum had taught her son something which we all learn and follow as Indians. I was only hoping, she would have also told the reason behind that act, Or else one day the child would think it is a belief without any reason behind it.

P.S: * It is a method of bowing to the person when you have hurt them ,which also means recognising all human beings and their feelings as you would care about your own.


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