Posted by: SK | November 12, 2009

some one s reading!

In the initial days of me blogging, I wasn’t comfortable with anyone I know read it. I was a bit too conscious of people who know me too well, writing some comment.
May be the thought about how they would judge me reading this also was not all that appealing.
Aj himself was oblivious of the fact that I had something called a blog until I wished him on our anniversary and sent me a link.
Slightly surprised, his only reaction was “oh![??!!]”
He is not much of a reader unless it is of course about cars and Cars and More CARS!! 😦
So it just was left there, unknown to many I know personally.
Until my Sis – in -law wrote to me saying she enjoys reading my blogs. I was quite surprised, But it seems she had followed some link and found me and reading names and other details was quite sure it was me.
It was quite encouraging for me. Since quite a few friends and cousins have read my blog now and then and it does not worry me anymore what they would comment.
After all that s whyI write.
But the biggest surprise came to me when Aj commented on my recent 2 blogs. I was thrilled,shocked and laughing reading them.
Asked, the man replied that he has been following my blog for quite sometime now.:)
sheesh! He even reminds me to write a post everyday. Hmmm, I guess the time has come to gear up ,Now that someone here so close, reads my blog almost everyday.


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