Posted by: SK | November 10, 2009

A block here. a block there..

This blog marathon is surely charging my brain. I look at all big and small thing with a critical eye,every incident is analysed and finally I sit and think about things even while eating lunch! 😦
But today has been a very tiring day and I have ended with a blocked mind.
May be the 35 degree heat has just hit me hard ( atleast that s what I want to believe). I don’t want to think too hard, don’t want to write any incident.Instead i ll post some pictures from Otway Forest walk, which we went with a bunch of close friends last Tuesday.
This is a conserved rain forest area with dedicated path to walk around and enjoy the flora of green forests. the best part is the tree top walk, built atleast 3- storey high like a bridge amongst the tree tops making one feel like how a bird or any creature feels amongst the trees.

There s even a tower which takes you high above the trees and was exciting even for me, who s scared of heights.The entire walk took us around an hour,but was fantastic and I don’t think anyone of us felt we had walked for so long.
Looks like there s some problem with the net,
So I ll be posting more pics tomorrow.
It seems there s a block there too.:(
A block here.. a block there..

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