Posted by: SK | November 9, 2009

Hail Bollywood!

No, I have not been paid to write things about praising bollywood and anyway, not that it needs any major support.
Today, it is as famous and beyond as tikka masala used in 6″ sub ,harbhajan in cricket and Bangalore tech park. Bollywood themes especially the dances and music are getting popular by the day.
But for me, I have been a big fan since the times I know. The first movie I remember watching is Mr.India back in 1988 and the big screen has captured me since. After this came my school days where “Ashiqui ribbons”(forgive my spelling) to “Madhuri’s salwar” was soaked in like a sponge.
I cried with Simran as she left London and her love to get married in India, Danced watching Karishma’s moves in ‘dil to pagal hey’ and laughed my heads off at the crazy Govinda movies.
Later during under graduation I appreciated more serious movies , involving with the chronicles of Konkana and Rahul Bose in Mr.& Mrs. Iyer to biting my nails watching Bhuvan win over the firnags in a thrilling match.
No movie, however bad can put me off my love towards Bollywood.
Now living here, so far away from home, I ensure we follow every movie possible.
So much that Aj has become a fan too , So here we are reading every review possible and holding onto the most happening link to our country via a beautiful window called “Bollywood“!!


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