Posted by: SK | November 7, 2009


She was new to the place..
different country, strange faces, new culture, unknown places..
Everything seemed alien, Still she was excited..
After all she was newly married in a new country.
With a tinge of sadness , home-sickness and loads of hope .. One fine day she sat waiting for her husband to be back from work..
They were to go shopping, to an “Indian” shop and he had promised her that she ll miss home even lesser when she sees all the goodies there..From pickles to Papadums..
from Sambar masala to Santoor Soap.. Just everything to make her more at home in a foreign land..
He came home at the time he promised and together they took the train,They were to met a friend before that and then go to the Indian shop on their way back!
As she entered the Indian shop, she felt here husband had described it right..
With lots of excitement she took a shopping basket and started filling it with spices, pickles, powders, lentils.. and soon she was contented to leave to home.
As they took the train back, a very happy girl went thorough the stuff she had bought again as though to re-confirm they are all there..
Soon her husband started chatting with her about this and that as stations came by and passed by.
Suddenly,they realise their stop had come and the train has stopped for quite some time now.
In a quick moment,her husband grabs and bag and runs to the door just to make it out,when the door closes with the beeep and slams shut!!
As the train starts moving, the poor girl is stuck with her ‘happy bag’ and that too alone!!
Note:I had drafted this an year back, added a bit today and posting this story in 2 parts :
Part 2 – tomorrow


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