Posted by: SK | November 6, 2009

A long story- Part 2 – shock!

Story so far

“I am fine, so how s the day been so far” the person wrote.

“Not bad for a conversation”- she thought as she wrote “been boring, nothing much to do”

“Really, have you watched “tum” another question was thrown at her referring to a recent released movie?

“Hmm, yes.I liked the songs especially “she replied and thus they chatted for some more time till she read “so, you are a girl, I presume” on her screen.

“Does it matter? I am here just to meet and chat, not discuss my life or anything to do with it” she wrote angrily.

Immediately there was a pause in the random flow of conversation and as she thought” well, there goes another person, this time chased off quite late” when the screen read “Sorry for a late reply, But I could not help laughing over this. I can bet my life over the fact that you are a girl and a very sensible one too. Anyway, you have a choice of saying yes or keeping quiet, But let me say this, I am a guy and honestly I don’t think I need to lie to you. I can trust you”

‘What nerve’ – she thought as she wrote “Hey Mr., you should not trust anyone so soon these days. Anyway, how has your day been “she asked?.

His reply came and she gasped as she read “I work as an engineer in Z & Z industries. Having second shift, so came to check if I have got any e-mails, I usually never chat but somehow today logged in &……..” He went on…

Z & Z industries was a stone’s throw to her college hostel. As her house was a decent 3 hour drive from her college, she used to stay in the hostel during classes and go home during weekends and vacations. She gasped at the thought of the dangerous waters she was treading in and decided to log off when he asked her” what do you do”

She lied without a hesitation “I am doing my B.A. in abc college” naming a famous college with more than 5000 students near her house.

– to be conitnued


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