Posted by: SK | November 5, 2009

gotch me!!

As I dug into banana Halwa, my mum had sent this time from home, I felt a wave of nostalgia sweeping through me. Moreover, reading through the childhood (read as not- so -childlike) episodes from avi’s blog made me go back to my childhood too.

Speaking of which, though I am his cousin.. I was known to be errrr…calm (* people who know me from the later years, please refrain yourself from falling off your chairs and laughing aloud like lunatics in office. Stay calm..) , yes I said CALM, sensible, ideal kid who dint indulge in devilish acts like her famous cousins.(I swear, Ask my parents, poor souls! little did they know the devil behind the angelic child, Anyway.)So I have a handful of my mischief bhare karname( mischievous stories) which I or anyone can recall from the golden times.

It so happened that one fine day my Mum and my grandma decided to make this yummy halwa. After boiling it to the right cosistency, they poured it into a plate for cooling off and left it on the table. Mum later left for work while granny went about her other chores. It was all during our summer holidays, so my neighbor cum assistant(ahem!) cum friend cum cousin Ms.R ( a reputed mischief maker of the area) and A-again our cousin cum friend cum visitor and finally, yours truly were already having a post breakfast,pre-bath playing time on the swing and riding cycles all along the road. We kept walking into the house to have a drink of water and continued playing till we heard “Can we have all of you here?”

That was my grandmother, standing at the doorway with raised eyebrows which in other words meant “we are in trouble”.

Anyway, we walked to her and assembled decently. After all, our experience had taught us “atleast pretend to be innocent till proven guilty “;)

Granny (with unusually calm voice) – ‘who touched the halwa?”

Us (shaking our heads) – “not me”

G:” are you sure?”

Us: “yes”

G (pointing to me) – “how about you? “

Me ( looking down) – *silent…. then… softly “yes”

Rest of them with eyes wide open” how did you know granny?”

Granny (with a tiny smile) just walked in and I could hear her laughing over the phone talking to mum.

Are you curious to know what happened?

Well… me – the smart person -had walked in, seen the halwa which was almost cooled, so tried to cut it like a cake but with a blunt butter knife, hence could not. So I started itching out shapes and doodles onto the halwa and satisfied also wrote “S” before running out..: P : P

Of-course, I got caught! 🙂


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