Posted by: SK | November 4, 2009

two minutes of my life…

In our very busy and getting-more- busier world, where one really has just the optimum time to share stories and have a few laughs together and that too with limited group of people, Often coming across the otherwise makes me keep that smile a little longer in my head and my days becomes more beautiful.

Every morning, when I decide to get lazy and leave for office just in time to catch the 8.24 train, Aj drives me off to a station before the regular one as its more towards his office and I am early for the train due, hence this works well for catching the 8.24.

Anyway, this station is right next to a school zone and during school opening times, there will be a person at allocated crossings on road to assist the kids cross. This person moves to the centre of the street with a stop sign and a whistle to catch attention of the traffic and stop the vehicles, thus letting children cross the road. **

And I always cross the road at this children crossing, Not because all the vehicles will stop to let “her-majesty” or yours truly cross, But because I get to say hello to the person standing there (To make it easier let’s call her C. C is one such person, who truly enjoys what she does .Not just that, She always has a big Hi with a still wider smile to every person, kids and adults alike crossing here.

Initially I would just respond back with a hello and now we have a small conversation too. I noticed that she spreads her enthusiasm in life to quite a few of us at that crossing. Wish I could do my job with so much joy and enthusiasm every moment.

Just 2 minutes of my day spent with C, but as I said, the big grin of C keeps that smile a little longer in my head, through the busy day.

**This system is followed all thought the school zones here.


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