Posted by: SK | November 3, 2009

A cup of joy or misery??

As I mentioned yesterday, Today was Melbourne cup day.And like any English Oriented country, This is a time for Horse race,fashion,food, wine and betting.

As much as as the first four sounds appealing,I feel there needs to be some serious thought about the last one.. betting or in simple words Gambling. As someone I know said, Melbourne Cup isn’t just a race stopping the nation,It is also a big gambling addiction spreading its claws further and wider through the people.

I may sound quite rude here, But seeing the importance these people give to horse racing makes me literally puke. As much as the horse races are thrilling , the tremendous amount of money spent around it is absolutely shocking.This very own state which is still coming out of the nature’s wrath through Bush-fires not long ago has managed to spend 90 million dollars in betting. if cup day is a tradition, Is this how horrendously expensive this tradition is?

Anyway, All that money ‘wasted’ as I would say is as good as throwing that in the ocean because all it made was rich more richer and probably showed glimpses of fast wealth to the rest which is as good as melting ice in the poles..It will disappear anyway.

Hope atleast someone will see the light before this rubbish gets bigger sucking in more people and their hard earned money. Tell me what you think, I would love to hear.

And thanks for quick comments I am getting, Will reply tomorrow to each one, once back to routine.

P.S: We had an amazing time at Otway Forests along the Great Ocean road.

More pics and updates in the next travel blog.

Till then,



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