Posted by: SK | November 2, 2009

Round trip

This is really a bigger challenge than I thought.Especially with the long weekend, I am absolulty shocked at the way I am running around doing chores to have a ‘nice’ ‘long weekend’! Phew….

Well,every year the first Tuesday of November is the ‘Melbourne cup day’ or in simple terms ‘cup day’. As they say, the race that stops the nation.But dint stop of us from doing all our chores on Saturday, Go to celebrate ‘Kannada rajyotsava’ with fellow Kannadigas last evening followed by a long ’round trip’ (literally) around the bay from Melbourne to Queens cliff, then a Ferry ride to Sorranto and back to Melbourne via Mornington Peninsular.Poor Aj, Had a tiring time driving so long though.

And again tomorrow is a long day.have planned another trip, this time, more friends and much more fun…

So more pics tomorrow.This blog Marathon is proving to be tougher than I thought.But surely making my CPU work hard!

🙂 Smiles Smiles..


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