Posted by: SK | October 16, 2009

quick bite

A quick bite is a kind of kick I have decided to give myself to keep blog spirit live .Something, short, quick and spontaneous.First one of them:


After all the random kitchen chores post dinner,I decided it was time to call it a day(rather night) and get some sleep. Going towards the bedroom,my thought bubble at this instance “oh, it is weekend ,tomorrow – colour dress!***” πŸ™‚
While the actual thought bubble should have been “Oh, it is weekend, it is CASUAL WEAR tomorrow”!!! πŸ˜›
*** While in school,we used to be allowed to wear any dress we want on the last working day of the week which was called colour dress as it was not the normal uniform.haha!
I wondered how this phrase came to my mind after so many years,smiled and went off to sleep.

P.S: Picture: I clicked this at HongKong during our stopover. Nothing Spectacular but it seemed to me that the man made concrete jungle was trying its level best at competing with the natural set out.


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