Posted by: SK | September 18, 2009

High on Life!!

And I am again back from The Nth hibernation mood! πŸ™‚

Just kidding!

and before I write more, Thanks to Swaram,reflections,Bhai and all others who commented on my previous post reminding me that my little blog baby is waiting for me πŸ™‚

Actually we were on a secret mission ,which is not so secret any more.It started off with Aj getting bugged with work,missing home,hating winter etc etc that one fine morning as I was looking at my watch, computer clock and wall clock in the office for HUNDREDth time *sigh and he rang me to say the golden words “LET s GO HOME! “

I dint think for a split second and said “SURE, WHEN”?

and thus it all began.

We decided we would be going off for Ganesh Chaturti and with such a short notice we managed 2 weeks of leave. And then the mad scampering began for shopping , packing this and that and we went!

Boy! We had a royal time back home surprising family and spent around 5 days at Aj’s native place with my new family during ganesh chaturti.Though it was such a short trip,I am sure it was so much more worth than the minuscule of time we spent in India that the ‘hangover’ s still there.

3 weeks since we are back and not 1 night goes by when either of us don’t dream of a scene back home,So much is the intensity of our trip.

This being the background and the foreground story of the “secret mission” in short .

Hope all of you had a great festive season! and to all my friends especially S and Avin(2 of my closest friends), whom we dint meet or dint even manage to call,I am sure you understand.
Sorry about it!
Till the next post,
See you all…Cheers!!

P.S. The picture shows the Ganapati at our native place (Honnavar).
P.P.S: this is the quickest post I ve ever written, Straight 10 minutes including pic load! πŸ˜€


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