Posted by: SK | July 17, 2009

weird facts – A fact

When a good friend wrote a tag about 7 weird facts,I was quite alarmed..
Not because she had 7 weird traits, but because I am a total weird specimen and How could I possibly choose the best 7?
isn’t it totally unjust to the rest of my dearest weird habits?
‘well..darlings..much as you are all a part of ones are the best ones..
so just hang around there..u ll get another chance..’

Which brings me to my first WH[weird habit](haven’t you realised yet?)
~TALKER:“psst….I talk to myself ” yes!! you read it right.Mostly when I am alone or thinking of some situation,I add possible conversations!!interesting eh?
I guess this has eliminated a lot of “sane people” from reading further..Cause this is CRAZY!! and the sane guys wont risk this.. 😀

Well.. next one s not too bad actually and I think [atleast hope] many others nod their heads reading this..
~MOVIE MAKER:When I read a book,I see all the characters, the scene exactly like a movie in my head.It s not something I have to try to do.Its just automatic.Read the first line of the first chapter and bang!!the movie in my head begins. Recently have found this to work whenever people tell me incidents,stories,anecdote..just anything..
So now you know,just remember :don’t tell me,I repeat “Do- not -tell -me” anything cheesy which you would not want me to imagine cause it happens by itself! 😉
** swathy hears more people disowning her/or anything to do with her at this point.

Hey wait,
I promise next one s not too bad, please.. trust me..
~HARRY POTTER :I have read each “Harry potter” book atleast 15times completely till date and I know I will read it again and again and again….

That was not too bad right? see, i told you so.
I hope I wont jinx myself writing about this,*fingers crossed!
~GOLD HUNTER :I have till date found lost and found my gold earrings,studs,loops basically all “GOLD” in the weirdest ways possible.
Like when I was 8,I was standing on the swing as usual(yes, I never sat decently on it till I grew up) out in the garden,leaning my face on to the swing chain(* those 4 iron chains which support the wooden swing)absent minded rubbing my ear to it when I saw my sister and cousin racing to reach the swing and whoosh!!Swathy,the swing heroine decides to save her swing from the monsters attacking and decide to swing herself with a big push and thud!! lands on the ground with a bleeding ear and a lost god ring!!
After a nice scolding and ears bleeding[literally] Everyone decided to hunt for the ring, after all it must be right there.
NO one find it and the next evening, the One-ear ringed Swing girl goes to her swing and there it is..
lying on the ground..oh.. as though it dropped from the mango tree that very instant!!

And this happened,just a few months ago when I was playing with my 3rd stud of my left year **yes,I have got 3 on each ear lobe 😉watching Tv,I dropped a stud and again to cut the story short, in-laws and Aj hunted for it day and night while I sat panicking.
Never found.. Next evening I go, sit on the chair and place my hand on the cushion and lo!! there is the culprit!! 😛 😛
Well.. Just lucky in this matter I guess and hope I will continue to be so for the careless,silly person I am as it is. ..:)

The last one I am going to write is something I told my friend about.. But I am going to repeat it:
~RHYTHM FREAK:I cannot listen to any piece of music/song without tapping my leg/or atleast patting one hand to the rhythm.Even if it is the National Anthem,I have to move atleast a finger to the beat..

**hey wait… where s everyone going?
come back ..please…
No more weird stuff I promise..
And at last I tag you
If you havent done this tag earlier or you have discovered new wierd facts.. go on.. tell me..


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