Posted by: SK | July 15, 2009

What s in a name did you say? ‘A Whole Post’ I’d say!!

My blog friend Swaram complimented on my blog name *thanks once again for that and then I told her it is in “ಕನ್ನಡ “ (Kannada) which many would not have realised.For which she said that she did,In fact she was confused about Swathy(me) writing about “Anu’s World”.

Fair enough reason to write a post on,I thought, to tell you a little more about how I got to having a blog.The reason has been quite simple.

When I moved here to this island continent [post wedding] I like every-other- bird- leaving-its -nest was emotionally,socially and to certain extent even economically thrown apart.We had to first find accommodation , then find jobs[ as my husband was a student with a part time job earlier ] and basically settle ( as everyone says).
Well, luckily by god s grace (in this case it was like a miracle for us in every instance than a natural event,hence we always mention ‘god s grace’ ) we managed to get a accommodation, found small time jobs[not what we are meant to do as per our qualifications,but still] and started our married life.We still had some loans,had to hunt for proper jobs and more than all that I missed my home,my country. And even to this day,I hate ranting about all this as it brings a chill down my spine,but I have braved it now because “this was why I took the solace of blog world.”
I wanted to spill out, write about my weird, scary, funny, new experiences I was having every new day of my life.but did I?
I did not dare write because I was scared people will ridicule me or worst ignore me , hence I would quietly visit blogs, read and log off unnoticed.I slowly got into the flow of time as months rolled by and I had found a “field job” in an architecture firm and felt I was “back in action”.

I forgot all about blogs I was reading earlier for a while and it was only when one of my close friends mentioned about blogs.I logged in again to see my blog with no posts, just the heading ” Anu’la Samsara” staring back at me.

Then the rest is history.

Though its true,I can go missing for months together [ a lazy bum I am as it is ]without a single post, Now I can dare writing thanks to a lot of encouragement from all my blog friends and polite reminders from few and of course my dear hubby who does not read but definitely gave me some topic to write like here and here and here 😛 . I guess this is the small story behind


p.s.: oh,yes regarding who is Anu?
As many might know,we have a tradition in G.S.B community weddings,where a new bride is given a new name and accepted into her husband s house hold.The new name represents a new identity as a wife and a daughter in law for the bride but it also means she is like a new-born child into the family.So she adorns a new name given by her new family.
Hence Swathy also became Anumita 🙂 or you very own “ANU”
Mystery solved!

P.P.S: Again I ve thrown in some random pictures.[just for you shwetz]First one was clicked by me on my first chopper ride along the “great ocean road“. Find me in the second doing “peek-a-boo” !! 😀


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