Posted by: SK | July 1, 2009

Just a thought..

P.S: I dont intend to hurt or doubt anyone s intentions by this post.But its just a thought..No particular event or incident made me think this.
In today s world, when we speak and believe of human equality and rights,I wish we could just eliminate the words “servant” or “maid”.
I know the whole “dignity of labour” and related issues would say ” what s the big deal , a job is a job is a job”,and though I have never been closely associated with anyone in this line of work..I am sure no one would love to say “Oh,My mum s a maid” or ” we have been servants for 3 generation”
cant we substitute this with the word “helper” or “house help”?
Now this starts another question saying”so even if you call a helper [lets keep this word from henceforth] a helper or is not going to change their status or duties or responsibilities ,isn’t it? then what s the fuss about?”
well.. Have you tried referring a person in such a position as a helper?It does make a lot of difference,I have seen it.
May not be by money or any other way, but just morally.
It will definitely boost self-esteem. I rest my case.
P.P.S: Now I am not an expert in this issue, as I said this was just the quickest,without second thought,boldest ever post I have made.
P.P.S: I clicked this picture.. Nothing great..But its one of my best ones..

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