Posted by: SK | June 23, 2009

is it just me?? :O

Scene 1:
As a kid, when I used to often visit my maternal uncle’s place in Kerala.Having a farming background meant lots of people of work in the fields and in the farm.This scene which I am going to mention used to get repeated very often… I grew out of it.. šŸ˜›
I would be standing in the veranda,my mouth filled with some sweet/goodies my aunt s would have made till a lot of the women [working on the farm] would see me and come to say hello to me! šŸ˜›
Thus a conversation would be typically like this:
W1: swadi kuttiyallo?[hey,isint this swathy kiddo??] **pinching my cheeks..
me: nan kutti yalla..big girl!!**rubbing my cheeks[u see,I used to speak Malayalam quite okaish as a kid, now its just past glory..hence I remember only these words..shame on me!! :(]
W1 and others would be a bit surprised at this snobbish remark coming from a 4- 6 year old that too mouth full ”eeks and would continue chatting to me anyway..carefull not to mention the “kutti” word!
The point then was I am not a kid..
I am a girl..A [big]GIRL!! :O

Scene 2 :
A 20 s something me go to a kids birthday party[Hey, don’t think I am gate crashing,its just the kids parents are friends]
As always..Photo session time when someone announces OK.. All ladies photo!!
A tiny voice in my head: “ladies?” huh… just call us girls OK.. :O
The point now still remains the same:
I am a Girl..A big GIRl!!

and we say boys will be boys!! šŸ˜› (which is of course true…)

or……………….is it just me???


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