Posted by: SK | June 17, 2009

Signing back again.

This is what I had written long back in a yahoo group.The topic was about signatures..Which makes me realise.. I definitely need to hunt for topics.[or someone should be constantly giving me one… or else my blog s gonna die a slow death..:P

My late grandfather who was a civil engineer and had obviously loads of British influence had a beautiful italics writing..and his calligraphic sort of sign is still a pleasure to look at,It almost spoke all his experience in life and his wisdom to me.Since childhood I always associated all his talk and words of knowledge to his signature..I would imagine him signing documents with his “firang” boss Mr.andrew or whoever..

anyway..Some people are very innovative with their signatures..Like I had seen one of my mum s boss’s signature looking like ganesha’s idol and if u look closely one could tell his initials carefully moulded to form his ‘aradhay devata‘(favourite god)Ganesha.

Another funny incident involves my sister who was I think was in Std 1 or 2 then.As any kid she was extremely fascinated when she was told that they had to sign for something as a part of some class activity agreement.Though now I think the activity only meant to make kids aware of signatures n so per the teacher s explanation ,a ‘budding fashion conscious’ sis of mine spent almost all her play time the previous evening trying n re-trying his signature..pestering me ,another “enthu batani “to check her improvements. .the d-day arrived and went off and she came home a little low..when asked she showed her signature which was a scrawly “Shru” written.Madam was soooooooooooooooo excited that it seems she could not even finish her signature much for the practice..she s still teased by me even now for that ‘shru‘ incident. :D(though now she truly has one of the most beautiful writing i ve ever seen.)

well….as about me,I always failed to have a decent lettering all my life n still regret it as in my Field we learn it as a part of our studies.Good lettering on a building construction or architectural design sheet is like “icing on a cake”.and sadly speaking my cake would be good but sometimes i felt i should not have bothered putting icing on it..(I am giving this so that u guys get a clearer picture)but am I sad?.no way..I proudly display my lack of integrity amongst the letters i throw on paper in my signature skinny looking n scribbled one with a line below complete with two dots at the end!!(can anyone interpret something regarding this??)For better explanation, put it this way,As all my loved one s opinion even if anyone wants to.. they would be disgusted to forge my sign.. he he…For which i am ever grateful to god that he s thrown me into an era where e-signatures exist!!


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