Posted by: SK | May 6, 2009

Yelling is good..

And this time he yelled!! And boy! Dint he yell right??!!
Well..It all happened last Friday when we ‘accidently’ remembered that it s 3 rd anniversary of our engagement.
So off we went for dinner..After an “over rated” dinner but still delicious we started back home, that s when this happened.
Now being a main road and way after peak hours, the traffic was pretty smooth, going at the right speed without any issues.
And suddenly there arrives this “CRAZY car” [read further and you ll know why ]from somewhere and tries to get past everyone. He would speed and break at ridiculous dangerous distances off from the car in the front[may be an inch or two, yeah!! That bad!], and we could clearly see that he was making the driver in front very nervous.
But unfortunately he could not change lanes and let this crazy guy go so we got to see this drama repeat for more than 2 kms until we got a chance to slow down in the next lane to let the poor guy into our lane .. and wroooom! There goes the CRAZY guy in almost 90-100 K speed in a 70 K zone.
Being a straight long road, we could see this car [rather we made a point to watch him] wroom and do the same thing to many a cars and their drivers.
But unfortunately, he got caught up in too many signals.. and we were almost reaching our diversion too when suddenly aj did something totally “not him”
He just drove straight and that s when I realized that we found ourselves next to the “CRAZY” car..[u see. Aj is phenomenally good at remembering cars, make, model , rego numbers.. etc etc and he had spotted him right there at a traffic signal]
As I wondered now what??Aj honked hard..staring at the crazy guy who just lowered his window and radio volume..
I noticed he was a very young man and looked pretty bored at the thought of “what -this –guy- from –the- other –car- want”.
Aj calmly asked him “ is there an emergency man?”
Guy[still surprised] : “NO,WHY?”
Aj:” then why are you drying at neck-break speed? Don’t you know it’s dangerous?”
Guy[ a bit boldly] : so what? :0 :O
Aj:”Do u want me to report to cops? I have recorded your mad driving in my cell phone, Shall I send it to them?” [My jaws have hit the floor at this point, Haven’t heard AJ so spontaneous ..Ever!!]
Guy[Now a bit worried] utters a scared:NO
The light turned green and we still drove a bit with his car and he was completely careful. We parked in the side and watched him for sometime, But seemed like he had learnt a lesson.
As we drove home silently I asked AJ:what made you take this in your hands?
He reminded me of this [which keeps repeating very often on TV]..

So dear Crazy driver, That s why he yelled at you.. 🙂
As for Aj – “Atta Boy!! I hope the crazy driver will be a good driver… 😛 😛 :P”


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