Posted by: SK | March 12, 2009

Lovey dovey thoughts…

Sometimes going through those “unopened” junk ‘odd n ends’ box can be useful..
Like I found this poem [read as POEM, because I don’t write them otherwise]..
I cant imagine being so mushy… 😛

I happened to fall n love with you once…
Just once is so untrue
It happened..
Over and over again.

I fell in love when you first hugged
Unspoken words were told at which
Your eyes told the truth so bare
Sealing this promise were your lips

I fell in love when you fought
To prevent all sighs and sorrow in me
Your hands reaching out to stop
Every drop of tear,every fear

I fell in love at the assurance
For every step of future we take
For that special feeling of falling in love
Made me fall in love again

Cause it was destined and it feels so right
The very moment..the very thought..
Nothing otherwise…
I know I am falling in love
With you, over and over again…

I should have posted this earlier..but anyway..

This post is to mark the 2 nd year of ‘us’together…


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