Posted by: SK | November 17, 2008


Hi there!! Finally …huffing and puffing I managed to hit a 25 no blog record!! 25 is such a beautiful number.. * tara rum pum pum… I am 25, my blog s 25… oh,it s so magical!! ok..ok.. Before I begin a weird jingle..let me write a special blog.. This blog is to celebrate and relish the days I spent back home in India!! the 5 weeks were just bliss full!! too beautiful.. A few glimpses as they say pictures speak more than words!!

Navratri– This is such a beautiful part of my Dasara vacations memory since childhood.I used to wait for those nine days of celebrations ;the procession of goddess Sharada is the best past of this. I had the opportunity of enjoying this colourful celebrations.

Folk dances, traditional costumes and music are always an integral part of these celebrations.Some pictures of the same:

Some random snaps of my visit this time to Ajay s native place – Honnavar in North Canara district.
The wonderful atmosphere, the scenic views were breathtaking!!

But the most important time of my trip was deepavali..The lamps,lights,fire-works …. Enjoyed every moment of it..

Can you believe the last picture is actually a fluck picture of fireworks show at Malpe beach in Udupi?

Till I get to write something more..buh bye….
(lets hope I ll get something interesting to write by then…)


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