Posted by: SK | September 17, 2008

The Final Count down! – a guest(‘s )mail

I opened my Gmail at 11.00 AM last morning and started giggling, Not that it was funny, but I have a funny way to respond to the un-expected..
I immediately called the person, and asked if I could blog it down. Just for my records..
So we settled on an agreement that I am allowed to..who wants to be in trouble later, hence I took the precautions..

Time:10.40 AM
Date: 16 th September
Subject:The count down begins!!!

1. Anu’s flight “Boeing 777-300” has gone for final inspection. (16/09/08- 18/09/08)
2. It Will start its test flying on 19/09/2008 (extended to 20-21 st )
3. will go for final cleaning and fixing things which they might find during test flying.(22/09/2008- 24/09/2008)
4. Plane will remain in the shed on 25 th and 27 th for engineers to sign n get the approval for the flight to fly on 27/09/08 early morning.

and then the last point..
I am sorry(x-\), but had to interrupt the flow..this was where I was c- struck!
what s C??? find out!and read this in the same tone and speed a commentator would use when a football player s about to hit a goal!!

5. 26/09/08-anu finished the final inspection of bags n then organises her stuffs gets ready to sit in the Multi million $$$ car(?) ,Winner of road safety award 2007 winner of best looks 2004, 2005, 2006,2007, 2008.(??) Winner of best performing car in 2006,2007(???!!!!!huh!)….. n gets in to the car.. n reaches the T****** airport.. n the airport officers gets ready to salute ‘THE MAZDA3’ (what!!!!!)
n then she leaves to india on 27 th early morning.

Thanks and Regards, (???!!! for what!eh?)
Ajay (now you know who wrote this!!)

All this is cause I am going “home”-my home in another whatever days!!
and hence this mail!!

huh!men!! car ,plane- look how much details they know!
All I know is the officers dint salute me!! 😦
no wonder “men are from mars” !!!


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