Posted by: SK | September 8, 2008


You should know you are going to be down with this weird” fever when you refuse to take off your scarf and coat the whole day ; Even though you break into a thin sweat at the end of this… (In spite of all your colleagues sitting with heaters off; looking out of the window and enjoying the beautiful spring skies and the pleasant climate and probably sneering at your pathetic state.) 😦

And your should know that you may be down with “this weird” fever when even the most noisiest of songs like for instance.. Some re-visited, re-vitalized [?!!] and many more re s kind of re-mix song blaring from your IPod just makes you YAWN to glory!![Hmmmmmm] :O

And you can be double assured you have no chance of escaping the wrath of this terrible fever If you are just trying to clean up your desk during which you neatly pile up 2 sets of look-alike documents into one set only to realize it should have been left in its earlier 2 set state and automatically the tiny voice in your head goes “OH, Control –Z” * :\

Sheesh! And to think it aloud!![Double sheesh!!]…what was I thinking? Is it some sort of spell or something to be uttered khule am, public ke samne… well done s done.. what can be done?
Hmmmmm… All thanks to my weekly occurring… “I-Hate-Mondays “ fever!!

*control z is the undo command


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