Posted by: SK | September 4, 2008

Right Direction or is it the Left direction?

I am sitting here self tagging myself:being pretty new to blogging world..I ve read many of them tagging each other..In fact. Bhai had tagged once and I had come up with this in less than 10 minutes after reading..Courtesy:Point 1 .
Well, these are 2 extremely Quirky Facts about me:
1) Directions:I ve this wonderful/weird sense of direction. Take me anywhere, even into the biggest maze of all..I ll take you back to where we started from without fail,majority of times..Most of the times its an instinct or some sort of “another personality”which seems to do the work right..
There has been times when I visit a friend in her home city where she s lived all her life with me visiting for the 1 st time and and I end up safely escort ourselves out of the busy shopping area onto an auto/bus to reach her home.
I know we are (or supposed to be) good at reading maps in the field I am currently in..But I was(am) like this since I remember..All my life..
Read the next point and you ll know Why I wrote this lamba-chauda essay like thingie..
2) While this whole finding right road/track s going on..never ever ask me Left or right!! Cause till then I ll be the blessed one,the leader, the one with directions(blah,blah,blah..) and you ll suddenly find an extremely confused me looking like I ve been stunned by some stuttering spell or probably hit with a “tongue tying”jinx… Cause I ll be looking at both my hands..shaking my head and well.. “to cut the long story short”it takes me a minimum of 10 seconds to figure out which is left and which is right.. I always direct auto drivers with a poke on their back when they have to turn left or right.. I don’t ever utter the “l/r”word while I am directing Ajay as well on the Melbourne roads.He is in fact well trained himself to look (from the corner of his eyes)at my hands waving frantically in air towards the direction he has to turn.
Isn’t this weird, that I am these 2 extreme qualities which juxtapose each other??!!!
U tell me If you have any such anti-to-each-other-qualities..
But I am seriously tagging Rakesh/ avin.. (please ah!! Kuch likna..)


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