Posted by: SK | August 29, 2008

R,S,A and Me…

I have been scrapping my cousin/neighbour/child hood friend R for quite some time now..after a looong loong break..
As usual our long lost correspondence begins with loads of hypothetical swords, knifes hurled at each other..with buckets of sarcasm pouring out of each scrap that a I- always- bother -reading -and-following-others-scrap chat kinds(lets call them IAB s henceforth.. these characters can keep popping up like devaki mausi/kamini chachi old DD serials..anyway)will be betting on a duelling match when we come face to face next.. n will surely make a mental note to witness this ..
But the actual fact is that that s our pyar jatane ka ishtyle..
And the fact that I was a “horrible bullying badi behan” for my little sister s & the 2 younger-to-me cousins R & A probably has resulted into making them the tough(ahem!) strong(ahem, ahem!!)
and the sophisticated(oh, my god, jyada bol diya.. oy.. ghadon.. zameen pe utro.. bada chada ke bolna meri bachpan ki aadat he.. pata hai na??!!)ladies (whatever!)they are today..
The insults hurling across the continents through ORKUT suddenly mellowed the day we got the news that the youngest of our bunch.. the serious,intellectual A s leaving for her university course far away from home to a bigger city..
As my sis S told this over phone, I could feel a lump down my throat and her s too..(S studies in the nearby city and hence lucky[?!!] to be a day scholar..)
Though it was me who left home for studies for long 5 years with occasional twice a month visits and R followed me to do her studies.. we dint feel this sad..
naaaa… As tears filled my eyes, I scrapped R about how I felt..
Pat came the reply saying..” this was exactly how S,R & A felt when I left..Did u know..?”
I missed you so much guys..(er.. gals..)then..
felt like just coming down and giving one of those massive foursome hug we used to do at times..
We started writing about us.. remembering things from our childhood..
and I thought here I have sooo much to write..
Anyway.. here s to my first n the best gurl gang!!(** clinck!! champagne[read as mango juice] in dainty delicate flute glasses.**clank clang ….. smashed..oops!!kya kare.. hume sirf inne hi sofheshticated hai beheno..!! )
love you sweeties.. more to write about us.. soon..
Before leaving ..
Dear A, this is a huge leap in your life..
Go for it gal!!


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