Posted by: SK | August 29, 2008

OOPS I did it again!!

No way, this isint about britney..
After falling “blog”sleep and waking up..Courtsey:Bhai
I was back in action and again started returning or rather showed symptoms of returning to Hibernation!! Shook myself up.. a la “F-I-S-H-Y !!! W-A-K-E U-P” *
:I am still slow.. In face di has been sweet enough to write a comment asking about new posts..and that has been very encouraging! 🙂
thanks di!!
now what s happening to my posts?
well..I write these 2 blogs..mentally, train me bhaite baite..,
kitchen me khade khade…
come back n jolt it down..into my blog..stop when I am interrupted with something else..
somehow at the end of it, though it says draft s saving…
I close.
Next the blog to edit.. and voila!!
its not there..
just the first 3 lines of one and nothing excpet the title in the other smile sadly n madly at me!!
Ab tak do blog chapna chahiye tha.. aur ab tak kuch nahi..
Somehow Blogistan seems to have put an expiry date on my drafts..
So now I am writing it in word, then gonna copy it into blog only when I am done..
Over n out..
*Now watch this horrible scene where the dentist s neice tortures Nemo..
P.S. Bhai.. Humne gyan prapt kar liya… ;)Par is vedio me embeding diabled hai.. to..
click on this link..for the vedio..


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