Posted by: SK | August 29, 2008

I for..

Since S my little sis..(for more info.. read.. this )
and me have a massive 6 year age gap..
this has prooven to be good to my “gundi”sort of instincts.. since childhood.
Plus being older than her by 6 years has also given me this advantage of remembering lots of cute little s-stories..
here s presenting one of them:( my favourite one..)
This happened when S s about to begin school..
As the akka(elder sister) and that too.. an ultra grown up sis( 8-9 year old) I am the tutor..
Akka: A for?

A: B for?
S: BAT..(a lil louder than last time)

A:C for?
S: CAT!!! ( her confidence ten times more now!!)
and this goes on.. with her voice getting louder and stronger over DOG,ELEPANT(ya, ELELPANT!!),FISH,EGG.. until..

A: I FOR?( Even I am yelling out to cope up with my enthu batani disciple aka S!!)
S: (silence)

A( A lil shocked!!): I forrrrrrrrr?
S: ingadapot..
me/a:huh!!!!!(shell socked…) 😕

S, I hope u remember this.. If not..I do..
Ms. I for Ink.. er.. sorry “the other pot”!!*(u see Ingada/vingada means other!!)
love you my always-lil-baby!!

P.S:this is my 3 rd blog in a day!!
2 more to come soon..


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