Posted by: SK | June 12, 2008

Got tagged along!!!

The day s here when I decided to return!! and I have..
Now, from being a nayi naveli blogger to another useless blogger who just could not decide what to write..
I was reading this when I decided to give some work to my dead “creative corner”
to write little known facts about me!!(some of which would have have been realised by me on-the -spot)
1) On-the -spot: I love on-the spot stuff..from writing things(like i am writing this one) to on-the stop contests like pic n act/speak etc etc..
2) I started blogging just because I enjoyed reading these “online-dairies” and can comment on them without being a anonymous writer…
3)I feel like writing blogs when I am tied with 200 things to do and decide to take a break!!
phew!! so much for my “rest-time!!”
4) My brain runs so so fast at times when I think what I should be writing here that these mental debates usually end up resulting into one of the greatest inventions of mankind-ZERO!!
absolutely nothing!!
I guess that should be enough for now..
that was some brushing up… anyway, till the next time..
let there be “world peace!!” ( I love these stereotype answers!!!)


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