Posted by: SK | February 13, 2008

something mushy!!

I was just sitting in the train this morning and remembering my ventures on this day..zomming back to my college, high school and primary school days..

Feb 14th
Primary School:
It was a big thing for me! Which kid won’t be excited to get to eat Sheera in the morning(yummy!!) and doodpak(kheer) during supper??
I would just rush off, get ready to school in a hurry,plonk a kiss each on my anama n ajja(Granny n grandpa)’s cheeks, shake hands grandly with my dad, hug my mum and in a chores(with my sis!!) shout “Happy Anniversary!!”
Yup, co-incidentally our bhatmam(family priest! just like you have a family doctor)decided that my grandparents were to be married on feb 14th decades ago and exactly 30 years later again made a(romantic guy eh!!!) decision of my parents wedding date..
resulting in me and my lil sis hogging on twice the amount of goddies on this day!!
In return, I remember making very shabby looking (if u see them now!!) cards and presenting it grandly to them..
And then when I was almost a Teenager..(12 years,13 ‘running’!!Why cant it be 13 walking or swimming or flying..i dont get it!!)I read about Valentine s story in my favourite magazine ‘Gokulam’.I still remember trying to give my parents n the grand ones the “gyan” about valentines and how fortunate they were(???!!) to be married on that day.I was mesmerized by the bhatmam’s far-fetched wisdom..probably he knew it that in western countries, they celebrate valentines ..or my crazy imagination went wild as I explained to my parents that he must have had close association to st valentines in some Janam(speak of creativity plus spiritual touch plus humour(SAD???!!)all in one talk given by me!!hah!!
They did the thing they were best at when they always wanted to shut me up without asking me to..
GROWN-UP s huh!!

High School time!!
With all the harmonal”chemical loocha” happening, what could one expect..But NO!!
My bunch would walk to the school and out with a stern look on their face as if any time some lallu -pallu could pounce on us to catch us as “valentine”duh!!who want s a bunch of nerdies???!!!You see though I was an ‘above -average’ (as my mum put it across to relatives dying to know whether I am better then thier precious daughters..)I used to hang around with a bunch of smart brains..(But most of them are still in touch and I just love them for what they are!!) and was pretty petrified at the thought of any silly boy trying to get my attention..Yikes!!

College days..
It was like some festival..
Totally glamorized..filmy n ouch..stinging at times!!
Not only Valentines but every occasion in the college like Fests n parties were treated in a “valentin”y fashion..
red roses, friendship ribbons(er.. try to get this theorey.. tie one red band:let s be friends..;tie two bands- its something more than that???!!er..I dint get it.. does two red bands signify love??oh!!)
n then there would be dedications of songs(which was kind aa cute) and some rich bloke showing off his gurl to the whole world dedicating the same song over n over again some 10 times..
All s well that ll end well is it??

Feb 14 -25 years after my parents were married(last year)
I almost got married on this date, but unfortunately our horoscopes dint permit us..So aj n me tied knots a week later..

over n out!!I meant..
zooooooom out!!

Today as I was reading,Listening to the radio and thinking(speak of multi-tasking!!)I was smiling (in my mind!!of course.If i smile at myself in a train.. then I am definetly ‘out of my mind!!”) at the various emotions this dat brought out of me.. As I heard the r.j. s helping ppl ove the radio send ‘surprise!!’flowers,choclates and notes..
I thought of my silly dream since my high school days, that every morning on Feb 14th I used to secretly wish that someone would give me a big bunch of red roses..
(Dint matter who then.. it was just the flowers that matter man…)
Smiling at this (this time.. Khule aam..Janta se Samne..)I traced my way to my office, logged onto my system..
11.00 a.m.
Knock on the door!!I dint bother looking up..
n there s this sweet old lady with a small bucket of flowers..reading out “sweadi”(aussie accent!!samjha karo yaar)..
I was like”Whoa…!!!”* smile…*stop!!! *grin.hehe..*(cant stop smiling!!it s like stuck to my lips pulling it apart towards my ears!!)
Will post the pics of my bunch of red roses n lilies(after they bloom I can tell the colour..probably tomorrow)
My wish came true!!plus It s not some “era-gera nattu phera” but aj..would sent me..
*geeee* (A special ‘grinnish’ smile to you darling!!)


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